Black spots on bottom of glas and kombucha are deep diving what I make wrong ? Or is all ok ? Jar in Room temp 23

2021.10.22 04:22 MoreExtreme2000 Black spots on bottom of glas and kombucha are deep diving what I make wrong ? Or is all ok ? Jar in Room temp 23

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2021.10.22 04:22 Liam_ice92 Kingdom better than I thought

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2021.10.22 04:22 feedimo Solskjær’s great entertainers thrill Old Trafford but lack grander purpose | John Brewin

Solskjær’s great entertainers thrill Old Trafford but lack grander purpose | John Brewin submitted by feedimo to Feedimo [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 04:22 Sad-Conflict-6137 Two problems with RE4 VR I hope they patch

So, wow, RE4 VR is amazing. Armature put so much attention to detail to the things they had to add or change to make it VR friendly. I only have two issues: the cinematic theater. I wish we could have an optic that just auto skips all cinematics and “CODEC calls”. I’ve played this game probably close to 50 times since it first came out and I find it jarring when those scenes happen.
Second problem is tied to the first… why is Leon jumping through a window a cinematic theater moment? You do that a lot in this game and it’s so jarring. Especially the first time in the village during the assault. I would even be okay with just a weird camera move like they do for “jump down” instead of that cinematic scene.
Otherwise this game has been great so far and I think these issues could be resolved with a patch.
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2021.10.22 04:22 captainunderwhelming Parents of Reddit who have overcome self harm - how and when did you explain your scars to your children? How did it affect your children or your relationship with them?

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2021.10.22 04:22 Andreic11 What helped me overcome RJ

Hi I just want to share with you what helped me get over RJ. So I knew my gf’s ex who took her virginity, he looks big but doesnt have any muscles he looked like has ballons for muscles, no definition or anything. Anyway I used to suffer from RJ thinking about him, comparing myself to him, what if he was better, bigger. I know he was a douche when she was with him and he forgot about her birthday, and also cheated on her which made her leave him. But I still thought “If he wasnt such a shithead, she would still be with him” I know she really loved him but he made her suffer a lot so the only feelings she has now for him is anger.
Of course I didnt speak this to my gf but she saw that sometimes I was distraught. We were like in a pause in our relationship, nothing new happening… until. A family friend of her asked her out and this guy is rich and not bad looking either. He won half a million pounds after sueing his employer for a work accident. My gf rejected him not once but three times that I know of, and the third time was during our rocky phase into our relationship.
I found this out by asking about him and she confessed he hit on her and she so casually said she doesnt care if hes rich she already has me. I was stunned. This made me feel bad about myself now, I was such a jealous shit and that Im not worth the respect she showed me. I know how much she hates the place she works at, she could have easily gone with him and quit working and focus on her studies.
This made me more loving towards her, I started bringing her flowers, gifts, going on trips and dates with her, creating experiences, making her laugh.She recently called me the perfect boyfriend and that I am a gift from God lol. I think I am truly over her past. I dont care if I was not her first as long as I am her last. I cant believe I almost lost my wonderful girlfriend over such a thing
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2021.10.22 04:22 Jonaraja If I'm on your feed

Here's a punch in the face punch it's just some rough love sorry fam
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2021.10.22 04:22 Airadel77 [PC Server] Windhart Gaming Cluster W/ all Story ARK's & DLC's! [PVE, 12 Servers, No Wipes]

PLEASE NOTE WHEN JOINING OUR DISCORD YOU NEED TO READ THE PINNED MESSAGE IN THE #WELCOME CHANNEL AND RESPOND ACCORDINGLY TO GET ACCESS TO THE REST OF THE CHANNELS. We ask that user please stop joining the discord and leaving 2 seconds later without any reason why, we'd like some feedback or the chance to help you if you're lost!
Our server's are always open for people to join! We're a fun community with awesome events where you can win real cool prizes in game and real life! We are an 12 servers in total cluster & have the capacity of 70 people per server!! We have all story ARKs, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Olympus (Patreon), The Octopus (Event) & our Seasons Server (Rotating Mod Server)! We've been around for 4 years with no plan to shut down anytime soon & have even just recently moved to self hosting!
Active admins, enhanced rates, Discord, and fun mods!
Come join in the fun!
Check out our website to get all the deets!

Windhart Discord
Click here to go to our website for details on our server settings, our rules, mods and more!
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2021.10.22 04:22 WaffleButTasty Turkish results and gedmatch. Should I be ignoring the 0.7% Eastern European? I'm confused since it's higher in Gedmatch.

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2021.10.22 04:22 feedimo European football roundup: Roma humiliated 6-1 by Bodø/Glimt

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2021.10.22 04:22 anzirdal ⚡️Proud Fenix Legion⚡️ Dont miss your chance of a base price! Join us Now before u miss it ! 1000x soon | 40% burnt ✅ 4% buyback n burn! join before the burn to see massive gains! Long term holder will see more surprise burns ! 🚀 🔥 Massive burn!!

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This Ecosystem will come with 2 projects
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l⚡️iquidity will be locked for a year⚡️
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2021.10.22 04:22 EnvironmentalStill31 Peak Wellington?

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2021.10.22 04:22 Ok_Quantity430 Baby Doge Rise tiny marketcap gem! X100 moonrun - trusted team, dev doxxed - Just Launched 🚀

💭What is Baby Doge Rise?!?
Here you have come to the right place if you are looking for your next 100% community owned moonshot token. Bringing the Buy-Back concept into crypto Every Rip must have a Dip 📉 So every Dip must have a Rip 📈
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2021.10.22 04:22 Fabulous_Host8435 Arms of Hungarian Candidate for Prime Minister - Péter Márki-Zay of Sarkad - Granted by Francis Josef in 1913

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2021.10.22 04:22 Penta_cheeseburger Meg akarom dugni a fiatal dobrev klárát copypasta

Meg akarom dugni a fiatal dobrev klárát és már ezt nem bírom tovább. Minden egyes alkalommal amikor bekapcsolom a tévét és meglátom, egy olyan masszív erekciót kapok hogy ki kell vernem, minden egyes kurva alkalommal. Már csak a gondata hogy Klára összeszorítja, vagy rálép a golyóimra felizgat. Az emberi lelket is ki akarom baszni belőle. Akarom, hogy maradandó kárt okozzon a reproduktív szerv csoportomban. Nem lehet így élni. Még aközben is amikor ezt a copypasztát írtam is kurva kemény lett a faszom. Kérlek mondanyiótakat hogy segítsetek rajtam.
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2021.10.22 04:22 feedimo Newcastle in advanced talks with Paulo Fonseca after Steve Bruce departs

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2021.10.22 04:22 kittenwolfmage A request for the next Owlcat adaptation (Secret Ending spoilers for both games)

Can we *please* not have a Secret/Special/Uber ending that's all about *being nice to the main villain*?
Like, I enjoy a nuanced, believable villain with decent motivations as much as the next girl, but it would be nice to have the special ending be about something *other* than romancing/joining/understanding/loving the villain.
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2021.10.22 04:22 Nowack_hs Let us fly when dead in shadowlands!

That is all. Thanks
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2021.10.22 04:22 Jeuc3s NFTisney anyone ? Enchanted Enhanced Improved MP4 for NFT Compatibility and already ready to go Interested ?

NFTisney anyone ? Enchanted Enhanced Improved MP4 for NFT Compatibility and already ready to go Interested ? submitted by Jeuc3s to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 04:22 ZookeepergameAny5223 AITA for using my husband’s name to get a table and a free meal at a restaurant for my sister’s birthday?

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2021.10.22 04:22 thepandabro Was it loaded?

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2021.10.22 04:22 georgefisherofficial Give me a band/artist and I'll give my honest opinion on them

I will be honest so be ready to have your fave band shat on
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2021.10.22 04:22 bongdaso247 Bóng đá QT 22/10: Tottenham nhận trận thua đầu tiên

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2021.10.22 04:22 sdjjr329 How do I make a random rainbow effect on a ripple when I press a key?

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2021.10.22 04:22 Jxoxwild Cock tribute for the beautiful DP❤️

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