What is something that you think can give humans comfort regardless of their situation?

2021.10.22 04:35 lymeguy What is something that you think can give humans comfort regardless of their situation?

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2021.10.22 04:35 amoralducksauce what is so birdlike about the kiwi fruit. like it even has the alternative name of gooseberry thats fucking wild

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2021.10.22 04:35 YT_CodedToKill Need help troubleshooting possible fried motherboard and/or RAM.

So we had just had some big storms come through recently where I live, and I unplugged my system for around a week even without the storms because I was also busy doing other stuff. Came home today, and went to turn on my rig. Remembered that I hadn’t plugged it back in, reached behind and turned the power switch on the wall OFF, then plugged it back in, and then powered it on. As I put the plug in the wall, it SPARKED. Switch off, PSU still on, but it sparked. Then in the bios it had the error, “PMU memory training error at socket 0 channel 1 DIMM 1. Booted to windows and found only 8 gigs registered at 2133 MHz. Shut down windows to reconfigure XMP, and found my bios has been recent. Enabled XMP to 3200Mhz made the system bootloop, and then reverted back to 2133Mhz. I took out the stick that had the error and swapped the sticks around in the slots to make sure the slot wasn’t broken, and now the system won’t boot with RAM at all, no matter what slots input the sticks in. My bet is the motherboard DIMM slot had fried the ram in it due to the sparking, and that I had fried both sticks by swapping slots. I am going to RMA both my motherboard and RAM, but is there anything else I should check for first? Any help is really appreciated thanks guys
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2021.10.22 04:35 StarAugurEtraeus Dog.

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2021.10.22 04:35 Tiakom Question: Does competing in Europa League give more prize money than round appearance prizes?

Competing as SV Horn in the austrian bundesliga and we made it to the quarter finals, so i'm just wondering if i'll make more than the 4 million given as round appearance prizes
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2021.10.22 04:35 DaiWhite Roblox developer exchange question

Can i receive the money in currency other than usd? Since my bank account is not a usd currency account and doesn't accept/receive usd.
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2021.10.22 04:35 jc3833 Are There Any Other Wenjies I Should Know About

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2021.10.22 04:35 Silver_ghost17 BowlRoll Password Help!!!!

I'm trying to download this maid Lucky Guy (identity v) model but I have no idea what the download key is ;-; could anyone give me a hand if you know it? I'm new to mmd and I really wanna try and get this model for something I'm working on
This is the one I'm talking about:
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2021.10.22 04:35 Black_Sin Next sequel shall finally join the Uzumaki & Uchiha lineage. Sarada & Mitsuki's son x Boruto & Sumire's Daughter. Do you approve?

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2021.10.22 04:35 djnorbert [SELL-XBL] FIFA 22 XBOX Series/One coins $14 per 100k! FAST and SAFE! Trusted Trader!

If you want to be safe with your coins, I am using the safest method to send my coins. You have 99% that the coins will be on your account and you will not be banned!
$14 per 100k!
Feel free to ask! Paypal and Revolut only 'cause of nationality. Trusted seller. I have already sold about 100kk. Here is my futrep profile: FUT Rep 4
If the deal goes right you can write a positive rep in this link above.
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2021.10.22 04:35 pipsikamlo Amazon Coupon Germany

Here is the Amazon Coupon Germany
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.22 04:35 recursivePasta [FR] Did I trigger anti-slut mechanism? Got AMOG again for not speaking french.

After yesterday’s defeat, I took a good nap till 8.30 pm, all fired up, and went out with my wing G.
Went to B-Bar this time, dead af, so shot the shit it with the 2 bartenders and went to the dance floor to let loose. After some time I got super sweaty so I had to go outside to cool down. Saw these 2 7s standing around smoking, I opened them with my standard “British” opener, I came up with this a few weeks ago, works so well as an indirect opener.
They were relatively receptive, shot the shit for a bit, not 100% in state yet, my wing G joined and took over the set a bit, I was feeling a little off, jumped in set a few times until the attention shifted to me, that’s when I went into the routine-ish cocky-funny frame I developed over time. 100% in state now.
These 2 girls are from the bar next door, I told them to join, ponytail hesitated, no problem, keep on talking, and eventually I said yo we are going to M-Club later, add me on IG and I’ll hit you up. Proceed to command them to take out their phone and add me. (Dominance and assertiveness)
After a bit more bantering, I told them: “Ok girl go finish your drink and come join us.”
Went back to B-Bar, danced for a bit, ponytail and pigtails came, and found me getting yelled at by the bar staff to stop dancing cuz COVID. They went to the bar and grabbed drinks.
I had to go outside and cool down again, I opened this guy/girl set, and shot the shit with them for a bit, at this point I felt gooooood!.
Came back, the bar was packed, the seating arrangement was bad to talk, so I wasn’t sure what to do so just kinda talked to ponytail, finished our drinks. I texted my bouncer buddy at M-Club to hook us up for 2 guys 2 girls, and lead the group outside.
At this point I still wasn’t sure which one I want, they are both cute and receptive, so pigtail walked alongside me so I kinda just talked to her. Some back and forth. Got to M-Club, said hi to my bounce buddy and we are in. The social proof was definitely working too.
All sat down at the back bar, kinda private, the seating arrangement is me - pigtail - ponytail - G. Well guess I need to game pigtail. I didn’t initially sit down cuz I’m still in the mood to dance, so I did the hand of God and had her dancing with me. At this point she was super receptive, I did the Todd V physical escalation stack and we started grinding lightly.
She wanted to sit down and grab a drink, I talked to the hot bartender for a bit coz she knew me from all the crazy dancing I did previously. She follows me on IG and always engages me when she sees me, def a good social proof. I told pigtail the bartender’s name and pigtail asked me why do you know her, I said some random shit with a big smirk (Social Proof). I called the bartender over and ordered us drinks.
We chatted for some more, danced more, getting very physical, her arm on my neck kinda deal. Now comes what I think is the red flag. The ponytail was also vibing with G, but she kept looking back and giving me a weird look.
Eventually, 2 girls lean into each other and pigtail said to me: “We’ll be back” and they went to do their girl’s talk. I knew something happened, just didn’t know why. Both girls were vibing, pigtails was qualifying herself hard, she escalate physically on me when I let her go, etc. The only thing I think happened was ponytail thought I escalated too fast and slut-shamed pigtails. Anyway, they came back and pigtails said she is feeling sick and they left, didn’t even pay for their fucking drinks!!!!
Anyway, went outside and opened 3-set.
Main girl: “Noooooooo!!!”
Me: “No to what?” **Smirk**
Main girl: “Oh!, sorry it’s been a crazy night, a bunch of strangers came up to us blah blah”
Me: “I’m a stranger, I’m even worse” (disqualifying)
Main girl: “You are wearing a suit, you are obviously someone important” (Peacocking works lol)
Just like that, the set opened. Beer-glass engaged me the most, and she has a giant ass beer glass in her jacket that she stole from the bar they got kicked out lol.
Anyway, we shot the shit, hooked, and then green-top joined, G's girl kinda died down so he joined us, I shifted to the new girl, G engaged beer-glass. Eventually, the original 3-set left, not sure why guess we didn’t pull them into the club quick enough.
I kept on engaging green-top, kept disqualifying myself on anything sexual, but also keeping the convo sexual. Merged another 2 girls in cuz one of the bouncers joined the set.
Nothing much happened, G left for early morning work, I opened this 2-set smoking, red-pants screamed: “Nooooooo!” I stayed in and plowed on, blondie-6 opened: “Sorry about my friend Hi”, but red-pants won’t stop telling me to fuck off. Eventually, I just went back in and got on this small platform and started gathering attention with my crazy dance moves.
Blondie-6 came in too, apparently green-top are friends with blondie-6 and red-pants. We all started dancing,
After about 20 min, I did the hand of god on blondie-6 pulled her, did my special duel dancing with a lot of push-pull elements. Eventually, we made out, twice, she was super aggressive, quite drunk too. Not sure what happened cuz she left after about 10 more minutes.
I solo danced like I’m the fucking star in the club for a bit. Did the hand of got on loafer-girl standing at the bar witness this the whole time. Only did spin and handclasp on her show a little bit of shoulder shrug to her friend, I figured she didn’t wanna feel slutty so I let her go.
Danced with green-top for a bit too which was quite physical, but didn’t escalate further, should have followed up with her later before she left.
The music stopped, blondie-6 was sitting at the couch with red-pants, I opened her, she resisted at first but did a 180 after I just persisted for another 20 sec.
She dragged me down to sit with her, we chatted, everything going very well. 4 dudes sat down next to us, I asked to nearest dude to her to pass over the pillow and ask her to say please for it. BIG MISTAKE, don’t invite AMOG in!!!!
They are both from Paris and started talking French, I tried to control the convo twice and it worked, but the dude clearly has a massive advantage here, and he stayed in set.
Once we were outside, we chatted more, blondie-6 was still very hooked to me. I tried to be as grounded and as unaffected as I can. I proceed to go for the food pull, blondie-6 said yes, I asked the dude you wanna come (WHY THE FUCK DID I ASK!!!). And the fucking dude came with us, next thing you know they are speaking all french, I’m excluded from the set, still leading though but they are holding hands. Stopped at chow mein place, she keeps engaging me but the dude has his hand in her thigh. Eventually dude moved her to the bench and made out. GAME OVER.
Overall it was not a bad night, I’m getting good lots of good sets, super confused about what happened to pigtails and ponytail, she was so into me.
What did I learn? Most of the night was pretty good, the final pull was a big fuck up. I should have just grabbed her hand and said: “Adventure!!”.
Don’t engage random dudes when I’m in set, it’s just asking for trouble.
Should have opened every girl I engaged with on the dance floor afterward, there was def something going on with green-top.
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2021.10.22 04:35 Usual-Repeat-9892 K which series one is the least popular

So if you see this please comment below your favourite s1 mixel and I will see who the least favourite or you can put your own opinion or your own ranking for the series one mixels
And I know the most popular is flain there is no debate in that but who is the least popular in your opinion
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2021.10.22 04:35 slashpointsix POV: Babka Kropáčková (Kameňák) našla pramen s modrou vodou

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2021.10.22 04:35 KinkyPegLeg A meeting of DBD Killers

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2021.10.22 04:35 Taeminkie25 Not high rn as I've never blazed anything in my entire life beyond an inhaler for asthma, but I just had a sudden weird midnight realization that Dan and Ian's names are only different by 1 letter..

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2021.10.22 04:35 pussyfairy__ 22 [F4M] QC Hookup

I'm alone at home rn and I'm rarely home alone, so I wanna have some quick fun.
about me: Leaning towards chubby side, but not so much. chinita, 5'4, busty
Text me so we can talk about how it would go down tonightttt
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2021.10.22 04:35 AlexKatorangigod 69

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2021.10.22 04:35 DeadpoolsShadow [Serious] What did your teacher do that made you absolutely furious?

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2021.10.22 04:35 Depressed__Pineapple I just got to this bus stop, and apparently someone smashed a MacBook pro with this rock. I guess some people really don't like Apple Lol

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2021.10.22 04:35 hayleythirtyone "They only do that because they LOVE you!"

I seriously hate getting phone calls at home.
I live with my family, and every time I get a phone call, my family's EXTREMELY nosy about it.
If they don't walk straight into my room while I'm talking and react to what I say, they pepper me with a million questions.
Just then, I got a call from my manager for a routine work thing. While I was still talking, they called me upstairs. Once I was done, they asked me who it was, and while I was trying to explain it, my Mum started getting all anxious, like:

I don't even know what you're saying, what does this all mean?
This is not the only thing they do "out of love".
I know they care, but they would be doing me more of a favour if they didn't.
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2021.10.22 04:35 inFormerfleshy QueenBri riding big dildo <3

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2021.10.22 04:35 SpielartYT "Ein Spiel mit Zwergen... Zwerge können nicht daneben gehen!" Gamecrash... | Angespielt: Hammerting

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2021.10.22 04:35 northwesternsamurai What was your best “that came full circle” moment?

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2021.10.22 04:35 apple976 what is better

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