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Elizondo for Congress in 2022?

2021.12.03 14:22 DragonStation Elizondo for Congress in 2022?

Luis Elizondo has publicly entertained the idea of running for Congress before.
“If the Pentagon’s Public Affairs officers, and those who give them orders, continue to obfuscate and mislead the American people about the reality of UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, a k a UFOs] and what our government knows about them, I may have no choice but to put my boots back on and run for Congress. If that’s what it takes to get the truth out, that’s what I’ll do.”
Given that he now lives in Wyoming, I would assume he’d run there. This would presumably make incumbent Liz Cheney his opponent, who holds Wyoming’s one and only at-large district.
Could he win? Cheney won in 2020 with nearly 70% of the vote. It’s clearly a very red district. It’s hard to imagine a Democrat beating the Republican nominee in Wyoming — even someone like Cheney, who is pretty unpopular with many Trump-supporting voters. Would a UAP Disclosure platform be enough to give him a realistic shot? Would he run as a Republican or independent?
Curious if anyone has any thoughts on the matter.
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2021.12.03 14:22 Violinchan Best/effective treatment centers? (TW: weight)

Right now I’m looking at Rogers in Wisconsin, ERC Denver, Monte nido (Chicago), CFD, or McCallum. I’m so indecisive, I know lol. If I did monte nido in Chicago, I’m considering going to linden oaks first to start with a ng.
My info (tw) : My current bmi is 16.7 but dropping pretty steadily. I’m probably going to take next quarter off from school (I attend northwestern in Evanston) because I want to have a future where I don’t starve myself. I don’t purge or overexercise but just restrict. It’s getting to a point where I’m scared to eat over 500cal a day. I’m having some chest pains.
Any recommendations are so so appreciated.
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2021.12.03 14:22 UltimateDiscordMod What’s it like being in jail?

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2021.12.03 14:22 ElijahSullivan55 Looks nice Charles Bukowski

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2021.12.03 14:22 QuantumJeep42 Liquid Robots -- Heat [Funky Pop] (2021)

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2021.12.03 14:22 Selfket Seriously, this slaps. Even the ‘noise’ music is good.

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2021.12.03 14:22 Hot_Nothing_4337 Husky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥

Husky inu is a new coin that is setting out to transform the crypto industry. They will focus on bridging the gap bHusky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥 together. We are the first project that not only has real world utility, but will give back to the world in REAL-TIME You do not want to miss out on this coin
Husky Inu is a decentralized Meme Token Based on the Binance Smart Chain,
Also known as the Shusky or the Siberian Shiba, the Husky Inu is a designer dog that is thought to have been developed in the United States some time during the last few decades. Their two ancestor breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Shiba Inu, are Spitz type dogs that share many of the same characteristics
Husky Inu will power a meme Dog NFT platform
📈Token Metrics
Name : Husky inu
Symbol : HuskyInu
Supply : 1 Billion
💰 Token Taxes
1% Auto LP Acquisition
7% Distributed to Holders
2% Marketing.
✅ No Presale
✅ Fair Launch
✅ 100% Rug Proof
✅ 100% Liquidity Lock
Contract: 0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x72f58B852d31127791A63e49DdC6bf0E1Ed105Cb
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06#readContract
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2021.12.03 14:22 KARTMANSTELLAR Lesson for the day concerning squeezes

Very low volume equals no squeeze. I don't know if anyone will cover after hours. I am simply lurking at this point.
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2021.12.03 14:22 JohnSpike Old school Tommy gets pranked!

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2021.12.03 14:22 YeaTired Just bought this "fallen palladin" from etsy. What colors would you feel like painting?

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2021.12.03 14:22 V_Research_Institute Petra sees a fellow NijiEN member in a game

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2021.12.03 14:22 MumenRiderStan Even though I got 136 votes it still won't move😪

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2021.12.03 14:22 Puffin_fan U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware

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2021.12.03 14:22 SlabbsReturn You know

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2021.12.03 14:22 RadLeafs Curious about borrowing for investment as a (somewhat) young adult

I was curious if it makes sense to take out a loan (from my RRSP or otherwise) to invest, assuming I can continue hitting an 8%+ return in my mutual funds TFSA or directly invest in bank stocks that pay dividends?
This is all predicated on the condition that the loan interest is 5% or lower and that such a loan would be available (my credit score is good, though I’m not even sure where I would get such a loan). Essentially I just feel like I’m missing out on compounding interest savings and want to get a decent chunk of money ($40k-$50k) into either my mutual funds or another relatively reliable investment vehicle ASAP so it can start growing faster. I’ve put away a couple thousand in my medium-to-high risk mutual funds TFSA so far, but it feels like I’m missing out on growth opportunities, because I can only reasonably save/invest $800-$900/month. So I was wondering if it made sense to take a loan where the monthly payments would be that amount ($800-$900/mo or even less), and the money borrowed could grow for me from now onward (again, assuming the interest on the loan is low). I know people do sort of similar things with HELOCs but I don’t own a home (yet…hopefully some day…)
For context: - 26 years old - ~65k salary, expected to increase by 12k-20k in about 1.5 years (depending on the offenegotiation for my next position) - 18.5k left of student loan debt, no interest at all until March 2023, currently paying $400/mo - no other debt to my name currently. Only use my cc for monthly stuff to build credit and use cash back rebates to pay small chunks off, always paid in full ahead of schedule. Would love to have a car but I don’t need it and financially it just makes sense for me not to - rent/groceries/other necessary monthly expenses = ~$1800 - after tax monthly income = ~$3750 - remainder is used for hobbies/gifts/dates/flights home etc
If you have any advice about whether this is a good/bad idea, where I could get a loan that makes sense for this, or if you even recommend something outside that and can explain why (ex. pay less of your student loan debt now and invest more until interest rates go back up, pay off your student loan asap instead, etc) I am all ears and happy to take any advice into consideration. I only started my career about 2 years ago and I am already stressing about retirement/owning a home and the increasingly real possibility that I won’t be able to do either one, despite being a university grad who is somewhat financially literate 😔
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2021.12.03 14:22 reactionstack Has anyone got their disabled account enabled again after providing all the documentation bittrex asked for?

I'm starting to feel, they are about to roll my money in their own pockets. Does anybody know how long these "source of funds inquiries" should take to process? This is going to make me lose all trust towards all and every nth party.
For 4 years I've been buying crypto with my hard-earned money, because I was a believer for the next bull market peak to come, now it is here or almost about to enter finals legs up. However, I'm not allowed to maintain my trades while my account is disabled, so if they don't process this soon, I might lose a significant portion of the value I have accumulated. Never trust the exchanges, hold on your own coins everyone, always.
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2021.12.03 14:22 Joakov3 Why are walls printing at 15mm/s when I have it set at 60mm/s

Why are walls printing at 15mm/s when I have it set at 60mm/s I have this cube and when printing I realize it was printing realy slow.
when printing with custom FFF profile it prints faster like this. But this profile printing time is not very accurate.
If anyone can help me find out why this is happening I would really appreaciate it.
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2021.12.03 14:22 TyDalePlaysGames Survival is easy when you know how to automate ship building!

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2021.12.03 14:22 ElijahSullivan55 Looks nice Charles Bukowski

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2021.12.03 14:22 Royal-Atmosphere-652 Why do women pull women down?

This question is for the women here. Is indifference/apathy/hate your first instinct towards another woman, especially if she’s around the same age as you? Why isn’t it at all positive?
It could just be me, but if not, I’m curious to know the answer. Why are we the way that we are?
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2021.12.03 14:22 youngacharon Looking for drummer in El Monte

We’re a punk/grindcore band we are currently a 4 piece we just a drummer everyone is welcome
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2021.12.03 14:22 Interesting_Peak9693 Lyrics that describe your mood right now without naming the song❔

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2021.12.03 14:22 Flimsy_Letterhead_33 Check out the final exams vlog :0 Link In comments😘

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2021.12.03 14:22 QuestionAcc000 Why is it weird to date your friends/family members ex?

I find it odd that its such a weird topic especially when it’s a mutual split like I was listening to a Reddit podcast and there was a pair of siblings. One sibling had broken up mutually with there bf and the bf got with the other sibling and people were calling the sister and bf an ahole even though there was no bad blood and that got me thinking of this question
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2021.12.03 14:22 ThienAsia Team destroy...💀🤘

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