PrototypeRaptor - Highwind (Original Mix)

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2021.12.03 13:27 Helicopter-Internal PrototypeRaptor - Highwind (Original Mix)

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2021.12.03 13:27 flyfish6000 Heloise

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2021.12.03 13:27 Wooden-Type-5094 Anyone ED’ing to Barnard?

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2021.12.03 13:27 kelliecrystalbelle This be me, an Aries sun and venus

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2021.12.03 13:27 Electrical_North8936 Cannot ship parcel within 5 days

I’m quite new to selling on Vinted so I was wondering if anyone could help me. I just sold an item on Vinted and at about the same time I took a lateral flow test which has come back as positive. I’ve taken a PCR now and expect that to be positive. What should I do about my buyers order. I need to drop it off at Hermes parcel shop but obviously I cannot do that if I need to self isolate for 10 days. What do I do? I’m really stressing out.
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2021.12.03 13:27 Hitori_forever 27 [M4F] - Ontario, Canada - Today is a wonderful day

Hi how's it going!
I'm 5'11" Asian but don't really expect any foreign linguistic skills. Most have deteriorated from just just living in Canada all my life.
I tend to work a lot of hours, but I have managed to take off all Fridays till the end of the year.
I'm a pretty chill dude and listening to people is what I love to do. Most of my free time I will be playing some random games (mostly PC/switch), almost everything from JRPG to COD Vanguard. There also some more chill nights where Ill just play Azur Lane and OSRS. I enjoy quite a bit of anime/manga and also Law & Order / Chicago.
And who you should be - just make sure you look like the same person as that mirror over there :)
Its Friday, so have yourselves a good weekend everyone !
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2021.12.03 13:27 Temporary_Road_4393 RUMBLE DWAC

Received info that Rumble will combine with CFVI a SPAC to take Rumble public. There is a good possibility in my mind that this is TWO funding routes to eventually combine with TS so that you have more or a wide appeal....They both shout free speech next I wait to see what GAB does JUST MY OPINION AND I AM STUPID MOST TIMES
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2021.12.03 13:27 TheRaptorMovies Found one in Shelbyville TN.

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2021.12.03 13:27 Emotional_Trainer_54 Added alittle color to one of my burns. I liked the way it turned out. Be kind and rewind.

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2021.12.03 13:27 1radiationman Personal Log # 40 Admiral Douglas S Gallery

I'm starting to reassess my feelings on The Borg. Not all Borg mind you, but it's becoming clear that it's possible to remove somebody who's been assimilated from the Collective.
I was suspicious at first, especially in my dealings with Seven of Nine. She was the first recovered Borg I encountered and I'll admit that I didn't really trust her. But in the last few weeks, while it's clear that she's very clinical and cold, she's also extremely smart and capable - and also very clearly not part of the Collective.
Most recently I've dealt with the "Borg Cooperative." These are people who were assimilated but had their connection to the Collective severed and have been living semi independently since separating from the Borg. Recently we fought against a fleet of Voth ships alongside members of the Cooperative. While not as emotionless as Seven of Nine, they're also clearly no longer Borg.
We also just completed a mission in the Shenda system with, well, I'm not sure what he is now... The Doctor is I guess a sentient hologram? Originally an EMH like the one we have onboard the Will Do Sketchy Things, but our EMH is asshole with all the bedside manner of a Klingon after a night of drinking bloodwine... The Doctor seems to be a little warmer than our EMH - but honestly I'd rather not have to keep our EMH powered up for 7 years in order for him to develop a personality and not be an asshole.
Anyway, the Doctor had been sent to Shenda in response to a message from an Ocampa freighter that they were dealing with an outbreak of Parinistsi Measels, but when he arrived the freighter wasn't responding and we were called in to assist. The truth was, the freighter was a decoy and the entire thing was a setup by the Vaadwaur. While we were initially attacked by the Vaadwaur we were ultimately contacted by Gaul who claims to be the leader of the Vaadwaur. Gaul requested a meeting in an attempt to end the hostilities.
I wasn't willing to let Gaul on the Will Do Sketchy Things, nor for that matter did I really have an interest in going onboard his ship, so I proposed a meeting at the Talaxian station in Entaba, which Gaul agreed to. We brought The Doctor with us down to Entaba, and that might have been a mistake. It seems that The Doctor and Neelix are old friends... who haven't seen each other in years... and like to talk FOR HOURS.... I think Eight had to wake Tarsi and I up at least three times as those to yammered away to each other...
When those two finally finished babbling away we finally made our way to the conference room to meet Gaul. According to Gaul, the Vaadwaur's attacks are due to Delta Command's outreach to the Kobali. According to Gaul, the Kobali are holding hundreds of Vaadwaur citizens hostage in stasis tubes.
I honestly have no idea what Gaul is talking about, but because I wasn't willing to immediately side with him and the Vaadwaur, Gaul and his people began slaughtering as many of the remaining Talaxians on Entaba as they could find. While we did what we could to stop the Vaadwaur, it was three of us against close to a hundred Vaadwaur. The closest thing to a positive I can find from this is that the Vaadwaur clearly wanted us to survive at least the initial onslaught. They were more interested in killing unarmed Talaxians than attacking us, which meant that the Vaadwaur really didn't fight back against us until we tried to evacuate the few survivors we could from the station.
Despite the overtures of peace made by Gaul then entire situation appears to have been a staged event with the primary intention to whip up hostilities. The freighter in the Shenda system - it was a derelict. Gaul used it to lure Starfleet in. When Gaul murdered the fist Talaxian he stated that he wanted Neelix to be angry over the death. It really appears that the Vaadwaur are actively trying to get the residents of the Delta Quadrant to rise up against them.
But why? Why would anybody want to do this? Why commit atrocities specifically with the intent of starting a war?
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2021.12.03 13:27 E_STORM_EG What gun do you have that has slow attachments

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2021.12.03 13:27 hurricane_t0rti11a Post went against community guidelines but can't get it reviewed?

So I reposted something on my story which was falsely flagged as going against Community Guidelines for self-harm and suicide (it was a lord of the rings quote???). I'm trying to request a review but none of the support options like "Request a Review" are available on my account. I never asked for a first review and it says that the case has been closed.
What can I do to clear this from my account?? Screenshots of the support and the "repost" have been included
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2021.12.03 13:27 roeew613 Quick Mafs

Is there an opposite to “irl?” Many people have pondered this question. However, it has been thought that it must exist in the way imaginary numbers exist. From this principal we can deduce the fact that non-real, real, complex, irrational, rational, and imaginary acronyms must exist. On the other hand, can these acronyms be graphed in Cartesian coordinates? Such we may never know.
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2021.12.03 13:27 Sapphire_Marie Name for a story

I'm writing a story and I'm having trouble coming up with a name for an abusive boyfriend. Please let me know your ideas!
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2021.12.03 13:27 yv0Li Da michi hot a Fleischhauermesser | Foabverlauf bist du deppat!!!

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2021.12.03 13:27 astro_brownie Buying my first eye pieces for my Orion XT8. Can I get your input?

My scope already came with 25 mm eye piece and 2x Barlow.

  1. Orion Q70 26mm
  2. Orion 6mm Expanse
Also thinking of getting Orion 2” variable polarizing eye piece filter
Someone recommended a zoom eye piece. Any input on the Baader MKIV zoom and the Baader aspheric 36mm?
Any advice appreciated! Thanks
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2021.12.03 13:27 jonrah69 How to meet people in a new city and is it weird Going out to a bar alone as a 23YO man

So I recently moved to a new city (Minneapolis) because i got a job offer that was surprising to get at my age. Unfortunately this is very far from where i lived my whole life (NY) and i know absolutely no one here.
I have made friends with my coworkers at work but they live mainly in the suburbs and already have established groups of friends.
My big dilemma is i want to make friends and meet women. The issue is I am a very extroverted person but have some social anxiety that can make me afraid to jump into new things. Once i meet people I usually flourish.
One of these places i flourish socially is bars/clubs. I love talking to people over drinks and i love dancing which is the two things you do at those. The issue is i have no one to go to these things with. Whenever i was out with friends in NY i can’t remember ever seeing dudes alone. I have gone off from friends in bars and hooked up with random people before so the concept isn’t totally foreign to me i just think it may seem weird being there alone. I would say I usually am pretty well put together and don’t think i look creepy despite looking kind of like joe goldberg.
Do you guys think going to the bars alone would be weird? Also what are some other good ways to meet friends?
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2021.12.03 13:27 Phantom18013 Describe RDR2 In a Single Sentence, But....

Do it in a way that would confuse a new player.
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2021.12.03 13:27 kappakingtut2 Any of you use resorep with Linux?

I still feel like I'm a novice when it comes to wine and lutris. I wanted to make some mods to assassin's Creed origins, but what I found requires resorep And I don't know how to go about installing that on Linux.
Have any of you used it? Do any of you have any tutorials you could link me to?
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2021.12.03 13:27 Affectionate_Hold660 I finally made my way to Deathsmother's castle on Lowellu. This place is truly spectacular. GEKNIP FOR ALL!

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2021.12.03 13:27 Elmo_On_Crack6969 25 m anyone trying to play some gta rn?

Just bored running gta. Inbox me if ur interested!
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2021.12.03 13:27 signaturefade Who Told Modern Men Life Was Going to be Easy

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2021.12.03 13:27 raw_toast Going Out of Business - Advice Wanted!

Bittersweet to be posting this - but we're closing our brick and mortar cafe + food shop. Honestly, its mostly sweet at this point because of how terrible the last year or so has been for us, but that's a different conversation.
We have about 2 months left in the space (but would like to be out before then) and looking for advice on how to tie up loose ends, sell equipment and anything else I'm not thinking of.
If anyone has been in a similar situation I'd love to hear from you. We have a ton of metro shelves, refrigeration, coffee equipment, some office furniture and supplies. From what I've heard we want to avoid auctioneers but would love any first hand accounts if anyone has experience with that.
We're in the northeast in case that helps with any recommendations.
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2021.12.03 13:27 Adherentsofher Ethical companies?

I recently was gifted a few pieces of clothing from Quince. I bought one or two things there for my partner who is starting to think about his wardrobe. They make a lot of claims about ethics and supply chain but then when it comes to it, it’s fairly hard to actually get real information. Very disappointing.
Any brands you have found that you love that are actually doing the work they claim to be doing? Looking for ones that actually have plus sizes or an XL that isn’t designed for a 15 year old with no weight! It’s been a struggle.
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